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Browsing the net this Sunday night, I stumbled across something that I had completely overlooked.  The K Street-based Leon H. Sullivan Foundation, which supports efforts to bring together “businesses and individuals to create partnerships with Africa with our ultimate goal being a peaceful, prosperous, and powerful Africa”, has closed.

The last I had heard from the Sullivan Foundation concerned a disastrous interview by the Foundation’s CEO, Hope Sullivan Masters, with a DC radio station (the transcript makes for hilarious reading material and is well worth checking out).  The Foundation took a lot of heat for hosting its 9th summit in Equatorial Guinea, and the pressure had obviously gotten the best of Hope Sullivan Masters in the final days before it was to begin (in August 2012).

I promptly forgot about the Summit, however as Elizabeth Flock has brought to my attention, that was the last activity the Foundation has supported.

Very strange that there has not been any formal announcement concerning the closure.