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Over the weekend, the State Department issued a statement on the situation in the Central African Republic following the overthrow of President Francois Bozize.

I found a passage stating that “the only legitimate government in the CAR is the government of national unity led by Prime Minister Nicolas Tiangaye” particularly interesting.

Tiangaye was only named Prime Minister in January following peace negotiations in Gabon that briefly ended an earlier round of conflict.  It is also interesting to note that President Bozize, who had ruled CAR for a decade, is not seen as having any future role in the CAR.

Finally, it is important to note that Tiangaye himself has voiced support for Michel Djotodia, the head of the Seleka rebel alliance who named himself President following Bozize’s departure to Cameroon, from where he has requested asylum in Benin:

“I don’t think one could call it a coup d’état. There was an armed confrontation, the president fled, and there was an institutional void. So, the military victor filled the void. Bozizé refused the accords that precipitated the end of his regime. He alone is responsible.”

I doubt Washington will become any further involved in this situation (although NGO’s may ramp up their activities in Bangui), but I don’t think that means CAR will exit the headlines just yet either.

Do any readers have an update on the status of the South African troops who were in the CAR?