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I received word yesterday of the announcement of the electronic release of “more than 200 issues of CSIS Africa Notes, the monthly program newsletter published from 1982 to 2006.”

The Africa program of CSIS is my favorite of any major DC think tank and I am a lover of history more than current affairs, so I am very excited for this material (each thematic briefing is about 5 – 10 pages long).  It is always interesting to evaluate claims with foresight (hopefully someone will do that with my work here one day) so I will commit to publishing analyses of at least 4 of the pre-2000 pieces before September.  There are several pieces on Zimbabwe and Liberia, the focal point of my African interests, so expect those to be among the Notes that I analyze.

In other news, I’ve been building on yesterday’s pledge to diversify Africa in DC coverage.  I just had my first interview with a very dynamic west African youth, who has just arrived in DC for a year long fellowship.  Expect a profile of her shortly.