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This week brings a lot of good Africanist events, particularly in the first part of the week, and I expect to cover a few here (expect those posts on Wednesday and Thursday).  One that I don’t think I’ll be able to make is Raila Odinga’s speech at the Wilson Center.  I would be thrilled if anyone is able to provide me with a guest post on this.

Rather bizarrely, he is speaking on continent wide issues.  Any thoughts as to why he is shirking from the recent Kenyan elections?  I’ve grumbled in several places about my frustrations with DC think tanks, who have been quick to analyze why the elections were peaceful but have been less hesitant to speak to the consequences of the election. If there’s anyone who I’d be eager to hear speak on the election, it is Odinga, who ended up losing to Uhuru Kenyatta in the recent presidential elections.


Look for my first CSIS Africa Note review (on a southern African country) tomorrow.