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*Please excuse the lack of Africa in DC content of today’s post as a holiday indulgence.* (and my concern with Zim’s upcoming elections)

I have long been interested in the lingering role of prominent white businessman in Zimbabwe (a country I have visited several times).  Notable examples include the Zimbabwean Charles Davy, whose daughter, Chelsy, dated Prince Harry for several years and Nicholas van Hoogstraten, a British (of Dutch descent) real estate mogul of nearly 70 years of age who has fathered numerous children with a coterie of southern African women (one of whom was captured in images that led to a much publicized trial).

I was intrigued to read that a Chicago businessman and associate of President Obama, has now caught the same limelight.  You can read about Elzie Higginbottom’s overtures to ZANU-PF and Robert Mugabe in this South African newspaper.