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2013-07-26 17.40.49

Walking along the corridor of Ethiopian Restaurants on U street, I noticed this poster about a 2 day Eritrean festival at the DC Convention Center next weekend.  I don’t know anything about Eritrea and I am not familiar with this event, but it is apparently an annual occurrence.

I did go to Nectar Lounge in Silver Spring (again) Friday night to partake in their celebration of Liberian independence.  It was a bit more popping than on my first visit and there was a $10 cover charge this time (still reasonable by my standards and particularly for an African club).  I suspect that many readers do not frequent establishments like this, but if you’ve been looking for this sort of experience in a relaxed, stress free atmosphere, I continue to highly recommend Nectar (although drinks are a bit pricey).

Interestingly, while the crowd had predominantly west African connections, I don’t believe there were many Liberians present.  I spoke to people with backgrounds stretching from Cameroon to Sierra Leone, and per the usual, Nigerians seemed to dominate.  While I walked there, I found that many people had come from as far away as Virginia and Baltimore environs to celebrate.

Liberian artist Young Prinz

Liberian artist Young Prinz performing after the DJ at Nectar Lounge called it a night