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I had previously voiced some skepticism over a possible DC stop for the Nigerian superstar duo P-Square during their North American tour.  It looks like they are now officially confirmed for a performance this Friday at Love the Club in NE, which I have never visited, although I understand it is quite upscale (which perhaps explains the $40 price tag for the show).

You can buy tickets here and watch the promo video here.

Also going down this weekend are the African Oscars (in this instance, ‘African’ is synonymous with ‘Nigerian’) with a $250 VIP admission fee.  All in all, things are shaping up in a way that would make the trendy champagne swilling elite on Lagos’ Victoria’s Island feel right at home here in DC.

In other news, I’m back from my short trip to west Africa.  I’ll try to write up a short travelogue before the weekend has passed.  However, between a busy week, catching up with work, and drama at work, I may need to beg your indulgence on that deadline.  In the meantime, jam out to this P-Square tune that I hear several times an hour while in Liberia (the ‘Personally’ video appears to be paying homage to Michael Jackson).