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Sahel Sounds

2013-09-12 18.06.35

Tropicalia has two upcoming shows with a wide variety of African artists that I plan to try to attend.  On September 29, the Alliance Francaise convenes artists from Mali (Mamadou Kelly and Leila Gobi) and Mauritania (Noura Mint Seymali).  I normally wouldn’t consider myself a big fan of the music of the Sahel, but watching ‘The Last Song Before the War‘ has me motivated to go to this.

Hip-Hop is more my thing, so I’m quite excited about the series that Nomadic Wax will be putting on on October 4.  I’ve been wanting to increase my knowledge of rap in Mali (which I understand has a much more thriving scene than neighboring Niger) so am quite excited about Amkoullel as well as the Sierra Leonean diaspora rapper, Chosan.  You can find full length albums by both on Spotify.

Kudos to Nomadic Wax for this series.  I posted about one installment before, but was unable to attend.