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2013-09-27 19.48.35

St. George’s Beer

The large crowds congregating at a SAIS happy hour outside of the Nitze building yesterday conspired to thwart my attempts to return to the ‘Kenya at 50 Conference’ for its second day.

In place of my East African intellectual edification, I took a long walk from Dupont Circle to my home in Takoma Park to ease the accumulated stress of the work week.  A stroll down Georgia Avenue is one of my favorite jaunts in DC and often enlightens me about events pertaining to Africa in DC.  I saw several posters for the 4th Annual DC African Heritage Celebration, which will be held this Monday, September 30.  I plan to attend.

2013-09-27 18.33.11

Further north, strolling past the Senegalese restaurant Chez Aunty Libe, I noted a poster for some sort of Senegalese event (I believe a  movie screening) to be held today at a hotel in Bethesda.  Given the $50 price tag, there must be something quite special about it.

2013-09-27 19.35.56

The last event, and the most exciting was when I ducked into an Ethiopian market (Lena Market) across from the upper Georgia Ave Safeway at 1206 Underwood St NW.  The market has a liquor license and stocked two types of Ethiopian beer! St. George’s and Harar.  I scooped up the last 6 pack of Harar, but several cases of St. George’s remained.