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It’s past 4 am and I’m just back from the Timaya show.  First off, an apology if anyone bought a ticket at the link I posted to.  I did and it was not honored.  I don’t know if that’s because the promoter was trying to cheat me or not, but I eventually got in through the good graces of a female promoter. The protestations of the guy were ridiculous, because I was there early enough that they were still letting people in for free off the guest list.  Now on to my thoughts on the show.

As with P-Square, Timaya came on late, just before 2pm I believe (although he did not have any opening acts).  I think his set was about 40 minutes.  He was heftier than I was expecting and had relatively short hair, which is not what I had in mind.  Lux Lounge was the venue, another club – as with P – Square, but I think the sound system at Love trumps that of Lux.

Lux also did the annoying thing of artificially creating a line outside of the club, which at 11pm is just ridiculous.  I got in and posted up against a wall for several hours, staring at a variety of women in short skirts and dresses.  Music switched from hip-hop, to Reggae, to Afrobeats (of which the DJ played enough P – Square songs to constitute a greatest hits album).

Timaya performed in a tiny alcove off the VIP lounge.  He somehow managed to fit a posse up there, including a guy who was swigging on a large bottle of Hennessy.  The show abruptly concluded with Timaya leaving and his Hennessy imbibing sidekick right on his heels, but not before giving the crowd the middle finger.

Timaya performed his major hits, but not my favorite, ‘Who Born U‘.  At one point, he brought a female on stage with a short form fitting pink skirt as her serenaded her with his track ‘Bum Bum‘.  I can’t remember if this was before or after he used his mic to mimic a phallus.

I can’t say the show evoked a lot of musical talent, but I did get to meet and dance with a very awesome and attractive woman (who approached me!), which more than compensated for any other shortcomings.  I was also approached by a woman who told me she had just got her nipples pierced and then demanded a drink.

I then got on WMATA to go to my home near Silver Spring, where I wound down listening to other riders talking about the federal government shutdown and the recent shooting/traffic chase on Capitol Hill.

I started the night off with an early evening concert representing Mali, Senegal, and the UK/Sierra Leone.  That post, #2, should be up Sunday.