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Howard University’s Homecoming is this weekend.  There appears to be an enormous range of festivities associated with the event, and befitting an institution of its stature, with one of the oldest African studies programs in the US, several events billed as affiliated with the Homecoming feature African performers.

The ‘official’ after party of the Howard University Homecoming Yard Fest is billed as taking place at Vita Lounge, this Friday, October 25th, near the DC Convention Center.  It features one of the best known acts to come out of Ghana, Sarkodie, and is brought to us by the Howard and University of Maryland African Student Associations (the Maryland Association really seems to like their African music, I remember they sponsored a recent Iyanya show).  However, the incorrect spelling of the performer on the poster above doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

The same day, just across the DC outer limits in MD, Nectar Lounge brings us a performance by TooFan, a Togolese group, and the Lounge’s Facebook page is also referencing Howard’s Homecoming.  I don’t know TooFan from Fan Ice (a delicious snack found in Togo), but judging by this song, they’re a lot of fun.