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2013-11-03 01.59.04

I made it back to Vita Lounge, just north of the Convention Center for the Sarkology event, that was delayed from last week.  I can’t say that it was at all worth it.  Unless I was in a mesmerized trance of lasciviousness, I only counted about three songs being performed.

I’m not sure where Sarkodie drifted off to after that.  Unlike all the other shows with major west African pop stars I’ve been to, it was clear that Sarkodie did not inspire a dedicated female following based on sex appeal.  Despite his short performance, which I have a hard time calling a set due to its brevity and the poor quality of his microphone, it was evident that he has a pretty good flow.  DC just didn’t get to hear much of it.

The highlight of the night was probably hearing ‘Antenna‘ in a US club.  It’s my favorite Afrobeat track of the moment.  Vita Lounge has a set up similar to Taste Lounge (a major African night spot in NE), although its slightly larger.  The first floor is basically an elongated rectangle, with a bar on one side, floor in the middle, and elevated ‘VIP’ (in theory, not in practice) area on the other side.

The club has no dress code and things got quite turnt up, there was a fair amount of pushing and shoving and more people were visibly drunk than usual at these sort of things (one was picked up and carried outside after vomiting on the VIP area).  The crowd was mostly 20 somethings of African descent.