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I have to confess I don’t really know who Kah Walla is.  However, the name sounds very familiar, so I suspect for Cameroon watchers, her talk tomorrow afternoon at Georgetown on ‘Leadership: Africa in the World and Women in Africa‘, is a rather big deal.  Her brief bio is quite impressive – presidential candidate, recognized by the World Bank, and celebrated by Forbes magazine.

I don’t usually plug events of this nature, but I had such a good time at the Africa Society of Georgetown’s pan-African conference last weekend, I wanted to highlight more Georgetown Africa activity (especially since I rarely get to their events).  Cameroon is also one of those countries (similar to Uganda and Burkina Faso, but definitely a notch below) where the lack of explicit US commitment to the professed policy of supporting democracy and governance really concerns me.

As always, I welcome a guest post from any of you who attend.  Also, I had promised a post a few weeks ago on a Cameroonian-American in DC with an awesome story, that will be coming soon.