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Readers will likely know of the indefatigable Winslow Robertson, the coordinator of the very useful Sino-Africa DC group (even if just because I’ve cross-posted some  work from his blog, Cowries and Rice before).

Earlier this month, Winslow attended a not too well publicized event with two local giants of the China – Africa scholarly scene: Deborah Brautigam of SAIS and Yoon Jung Park (who I’ve previously covered) at SAIS.

You can read Winslow’s take on the event here.  Winslow is extremely dynamic and active on Twitter, providing lots of useful analysis and insights to his followers, whose numbers vastly dwarf mine (perhaps I need to start live tweeting).  Get in on the action @Winslow_R.

I’m very curious to know more about what makes this China – Africa devotee tick and hope to publish a profile on him on these pages before the year is out (I have recently gotten away from doing the profiles, which I found to be very rewarding).