About the Author


I’m a young professional in DC with an interest in Africa.  I first visited the continent during an undergraduate study abroad program and have been fascinated ever since.  Since 2005, I have visited 14 countries in Southern, West, and East Africa (many of them multiple times).

I have worked in the Sahel, interned in Ghana, and studied in southern Africa.  My MA thesis examined the role of higher education in late 19th and early 20th century Liberia.  I also did substantive graduate work on the support of American advocacy groups for liberation movements in southern Africa.  I have conducted research in the National Archives of Namibia, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.  I am particularly interested in African regional integration – in regards to economics, demographics, and cultural developments.

On this blog I will attempt to analyze US views on Africa, review talks/lectures on African affairs, and share my opinions on African restaurants and lounges in the DMV.

I can be contacted at:  africaindc@gmail.com

I encourage occasional guest bloggers.

All views are my personal opinions and do not reflect those of any organization I am affiliated with or of those who have sponsored an event I am discussing.

– Brooks Marmon



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