Africa in DC – Guide Around Town

Find below my first efforts at an ongoing attempt to put together a list of my preferred establishments and resources relating to Africa in the DMV.  If you have any suggestions, your comments are welcome.

Best Restaurant

Sumah’s: 1727 7th St (Shaw)

Run by a Sierra Leonean and has very good greens, unlike many of the other west African restaurants that focus on various red and brown sauces.

Best Ethiopian: Habeesha Market, 1919 9th ST NW

Best Club

Taste Lounge: 1812 Hamlin St, NE (Rhode Island Ave)

Has a high cover for men ($20) but it’s a great place for guys to pick-up, because ladies get in free.  Once you’re in, drinks are reasonably priced in this small venue.  Also plays some Caribbean music, although most of the clientele has African ties.

(Update, July 2013) I’ve lately been warming up to Nectar Lounge, on Georgia Ave at the DC/Md border.

Best Think Tank

Africa Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Honorable mention: Africa Program, Wilson Center

Best Resource for Researchers

Library of Congress

I am a particularly big fan of the large collection of African newspapers on microfilm

Honorable mention: Moorland-Springarn Library, Howard University

A great resource with a strong emphasis on diaspora engagement in Africa

Most Active College/University

Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Best Part of Town

Undoubtedly New Hampshire Ave just after you cross the DC border.  Here you can find African eateries, grocers, drinking spots, and tailors.  Not metro accessible but the WMATA K6 and RideOn 16 will get you there by public transit.

Most Impressive DC-based Electronic Resource

Honorable Mention:

Most Impressive Consulting Group

I don’t know much about this field, but I’ll go with the Whitaker Group.

Best Social Networking Group

Young African Professional Network


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