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Thiat, a Senegalese rapper who performed in DC earlier this year, appears to be solidifying his DC links.  I did not attend, but he spoke at Howard University yesterday on “Hip-Hop Creates Change in Senegal.”

Thiat and the Enough is Enough movement in Senegal played a key role in thwarting President Wade’s constitutionally questionable search for a third presidential term.  Wade lost a run-off election and Macky Sall, who just visited DC, became Senegal’s fourth President and ushered in the country’s inaugural First Lady of Senegalese extraction from both sides of the family (2 of Senegal’s first 3 first ladies were French and the other was of mixed Senegalese – Lebanese heritage).

It’s (almost) always good to see artists getting involved politically.  Hopefully DC’s Africana community will support more events of this kind.