I got some feedback from a friend over the weekend to the effect that the blog was trending too heavily on the scholarly side.  So keep reading for some musings on less serious material (on sex and attire).

Of Sex:

Ever since my post on the raunchy quasi-porno Austrian film, Paradise: Love, which is set in Kenya and was screened as part of the DC International Film Festival, my site visits have rather substantially increased.  ‘Africa sex’ is apparently a common search term, and my review of the film was apparently well suited for that google search phrase.

I find this to be particularly amusing, as the title of the post references ‘feeble phalluses and flabby flesh’.  If an unattractive title like this generates such attention, what could I do with something more conventional? Perhaps I shall revisit this thematic topic from another angle in the future.

Of Shirts:

I wore two African football shirts over the weekend.  One from Zimbabwe and one from Ghana.  Both generated comments asking if I was from the respective countries (FYI, I am a white male).  The Zimbabwe query came from a lady (I was on Georgia Ave near Silver Spring) who sought a prospective partner for diamond smuggling while the Ghana query came from a man (outside of the PG Plaza mall) whose uncle had been to Ghana.

I also wore a Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) T-shirt to the Tendai Biti event at Freedom House.  Biti is the Secretary General of the MDC and cracked a joke about the shirt being outdated.