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Unfortunately, my health will not allow me to attend (I’ve been dragging for a bit over a week), but NED is honoring a young Zimbabwean lady as one of four recipients of its 2013 Democracy Awards tonight.

It seems like President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative has started a trend.   Although I am not familiar with Glanis Changachirere, the founding director of the Institute for Young Women Development, I’m personally excited by this focus on young leaders and find it particularly poignant in the case of Zimbabwe, which has been ruled by the same man since 1980.  There will be a big event on Zimbabwe next week*, on which I’ll provide more details tomorrow.

*I generally try to avoid publicizing the work of think tanks/NGOs for solely promotional purposes, but in the case of Zimbabwe, one of the first countries I visited in Africa, I approach it from more of an activist angle.