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I’ve been fairly critical of several DC African experts on this blog, most noticeably Todd Moss of the Center for Global Development.  However, I suspect I may be susceptible to some real criticism myself.  To date,  the majority of my posts have covered policy events and offered analysis that would mostly appeal to intellectual elites.

I also want Africa in DC to explicitly cover cultural and social material – I do not want to exclude the physical presence of Africa(ns) in DC in favor of relaying what beltway bandits (as well as more legitimate experts) have to say about Africa.  As the summer kicks off and the academic year comes to a close, I hope to increasingly turn my attention to Africa’s cultural presence in the DMV (particularly in July and August).

One area in which I must confess to not knowing much about – the presence of African food distributors in DC’s Maryland suburbs.  I ventured to the Red Apple Farmer’s Market (which I have previously written about) to replenish my depleted stock of canned palm butter yesterday.

Two frozen food items that I also purchased were imported by niche African importers based in Beltsville and Hyattsville, Maryland.  Nina International has its own website, though its sparse on details, and the other company is Choice International.

Do any readers know if their products can be found across the US, or are they primarily based in this area?