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I’m often quick to offer my constructive criticisms to those in DC’s African policy circles (such as in my review of the Wilson Center’s blog), so I should not shirk from celebration when key figures make the right points.

In his Last Word blog column for May, the head of the Wilson Center’s Africa Program, Steve McDonald, makes some great points about Obama’s upcoming Africa trip.  He further articulates some of my concerns on the visit, namely that Obama “is avoiding any difficult issues and going with a very “safe” itinerary.”  I personally would much preferred for Obama to have visited the Ivory Coast than Senegal.


On an unrelated matter, Summer is now upon us, which means a decline in the number of local events pertaining to Africa (not only are the universities out of sessions, the think tanks also become less active).  I’ve got some ideas about different ways to make up for that and ensure a steady stream of new and interesting material for the blog.  In particular, I’m hoping to go more in the human interest direction – initiate a few interviews and run some more profile pieces.

Do you have any suggestions or comments about people/organizations/issues you’d like to see covered?  Specific topics are particularly welcomed.  Comment here or email me at africaindc at gmail . c om