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While this will not compensate for my severe grief at being deprived of Al – Jazeera – it’s cable only now for DC area viewers (how will I ever finish watching the French African connection mini-series?), I discovered this morning while waiting for my lunch of cabbage and smoked fish to finish cooking that as a DC resident, I also have access to an Ethiopian tv channel (ETV).

Despite, the large Ethiopian community in DC, I have to confess that it’s not a country I have a great familiarity with, despite the prominence of it’s national airline, the attractive women (I mostly dig the natural hair and skin tone), and the good beer (Harar, not St. George). The programming, at least while I watched this morning, was English language.

I’ve been through Addis Ababa’s Bole International Airport a few times, where I once got in quite a bit of trouble for entering a restroom that was off limits to non-Muslims to attend to an urgent call of nature.  Perhaps that partially explains why despite a few visits, I’ve always felt a bit more out of my comfort zone than I’d like with the Ethiopian nightlife scene in DC.